Galaxy wars

 So, it’s midnight and I was browsing around YouTube, watching DIY galaxy print videos, and I became overcome with the sudden desire to paint something galaxy print (mind control, yeah, I’m a victim) 
 So, I dug out my WTJ and spazzed through the pages, looking for one that might be a nice home to my little galaxy. My color this entire page page was already full, as is my climb up high page. But then I found it. The poke holes in this page page! I could paint my galaxy scene on both pages, and then paint stars over the holes, and then, obviously, poke them through. 
 So I dig out my paints, set my work space up on the kitchen floor (like a boss) and I reach for my black paint bottle. I pop the top and stare down at the bottom of it. A small layer of half dried paint looks back at. So I dip the proper brush in and was able to cover a tiny bit of the upper left page before I ran out. 
 I dabbed blue and purple paint on what I had and flicked some gold paint at it. It looks amazing, but before I can continue I have to buy another bottle of black paint tomorrow ;_;
 Pictures when it’s finished though! It’s going to be out of this world ;)

U gais!

 Grrrrr. I’m sorry I abandoned this blog :(
 I sort of hit this random depression spurt. I lost interest in a lot of things and I have had no desire or inspiration or passion, or any of those things that put the soul into my creative projects, so I stuffed my Journal in the corner and let it collect dust.
 But I’m here to tell you that I’m back and ready to go! My creativity is flowing, and I’ve expanded my search for things to satisfy my need to create. I’m trying all sorts of things from sketching, to embroidery, to sewing and crafting.
 So, hopefully soon I’ll have some more stuff to show you guys.
 Keep on keepin’ on!
 Peace out 

Starbucks and my journal.

So guys, sorry there hasn’t been many posts in a long while. I sort of shoved my journal in my bag and haven’t touched it in months. I guess I forgot about it.
 But the other day, I went to Starbucks and I used a gift card I received at Christmas time and bought my first Starbucks coffee. When a had a few drinks left, the Spill your coffee here page popped into my head, so while in the back seat with the car driving down the highway, I dug out my journal and opened to the page and I poured some of my skinny vanilla latte on the pages. I poured too much and made a mess, but it was fun and worth it!
 The page dried and very soon I am planning on drawing a Starbucks cup on the page, and so when the finished, I’ll post it here.
 Hopefully I should be getting back into the spirit and should be back to wrecking soon! Thanks to my followers, and have great day guys!